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Android Application Development

Why Android app?

According to a survey by 'Global Survey', the market security of Android is around 75%. With such a large segment of the Android OS demanding population, it is important to keep up with market trends and focus on creating applications that meet the needs of many

Let’s get started on Android

Android, the majority holder of the mobile sector, is an exceptional platform for any business that thinks about online expansion. Android app is the most affordable and economical option for any business. WebShark Web Services has an excellent and experienced team of native and hybrid Android app developers that can help you launch an Android app, including high-performance complex Android apps in OS versions. Our UX / UI developer's expertise in XD and the latest premium and open source design tools.

Mobile Application Categories


Offer your customers a shopping app for a hassle-free shopping experience. Amazing sense of shopping and outlet stores compared to the convenience that shopping apps offer. Customers do not have to worry about the specifications of a product because they are all included in the application.

Utility and productivity applications

Doing routine work almost daily can be boring at times. Providing apps such as calendars, calculators, note taking apps and options can help people to make tasks easier and more fun. Look at it and people can thank you for it.

Educational applications

Bring education and let the learning be in the hands of the people. The younger generation, especially Gen Z, will always be on their phones, which is the reason why they are sometimes called General Tech. So get used to it and be a part of how and what they learn.

Business and financial applications

Save their time by providing an app that meets your client's banking and business mistakes. The rise of the mobile packing app is a great opportunity to get one today.

News and press applications

Reading news and magazines on mobile phones is not news. It has been run by many for the past several years

Logistics applications

Provide people with an excellent and hassle-free logistics service. As the number of small and medium enterprises has increased, logistics services are on trend today

Native Android app development

Android native apps offer the ability to take full advantage of the device's internal access to devices such as the camera and microphone. Native App runs on a specific platform such as Android devices and requires separate development technology and environment. .

Benefits of native app development

Optimint handles end-to-end application development. Our Android app development services include:



App Development

Distribution on Google Play Store

Pricing and Marketing



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