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Wedding websites have become a basic platform for weddings, which acts as a bridge and connects people from all over the world with one platform. In this modern era, matrimonial websites and apps play an important role, and young people come forward to choose their partners of their choice., Bharat Matrimonial and many other matrimonial scripts and applications have become an important part of the community and matrimonial software development has made the process easier and faster.

Hayfa IT is known as an excellent matrimonial website development company because it provides our customers with the most functional matrimonial application and portal. Our talented developers bring wedding console software to suit our client's needs, including front-end features, user group and SEO friendly matrimonial portal.

Front End Features

Guest User Features

Registered User Features

Back End Features

User Location Profiles

User Religious Profile

User Contact Profile

User Work/Career Profile

User Personality Profiles

User Family Profile

User photograph and documentation support

How matrimony Software Works?

User sign up on the portal with various important details

User Login on the portal

Upload pics on the profile

Fill the interest

The form goes to the admin panel

Admin approves to the user

User can interact with each other

Live chat with the interesting one



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